The Vatican tour for kids

Every year several million tourists visit the Vatican to see the historical monuments and architecture with their own eyes: the St. Peter's Square with the Basilica of the same name, the papal palace, and the Sistine Chapel, Raphael's Room, the Vatican Library.

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The Colosseum and Forum tour with kids

Romans, famous creators, invented concrete. This product is used on many structures like the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the Roman Forum, all of which are still standing today thanks to the development of Roman cement and concrete.

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Colosseum and Ancient Rome

The Taste of Rome tour for families

Cuisine in Rome is mostly based on fresh vegetables, many types of meat and cheese. What is also characteristic is that certain meals are usually prepared on certain days. For example, it is usual to eat The gnocchi each Thursday.

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Taste of Rome

The Tour of Fountains and Squares for kids

Fountains are Rome's trademark. Modern city of Rome has almost 300 fountains which are in use. But, there are three times more churches, and today you can visit over 900 holy places.

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Fountains and Squares

Ostia Antica for kids tour

There is no better place in whole Italy where you can get the true sense of life and looks of the ancient Roman city, head toward the former harbor that has been dug up with all the theater, housing blocks, and bathrooms.

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Ostia Antica

The Underground Rome Tour for kids

Rome is located in a vast archeological site. The modern city sits on top of the ruins of its previous cities. The underground city consists of dark and hidden houses, cemeteries, roads, and aqueducts, full of various wonders and hidden challenges.

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Underground Rome

Florence Tour with kids

Florence is the right choice for everyone who wants to enjoy in fruits of Renaissance art. Here lived great Renaissance artists Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Florence was home to the great astronomer Galileo, also.

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Kid-friendly Pompeii Tour

It took almost 17 centuries for someone to find the smash of Pompeii. In fact, the city was found quite accidentally when the King Charles III palace was built in 1748. Before the epic eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 AD, it is believed that there was no word for a volcano. This word was named after the Roman god of fire and steel - Vulcan.

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The Galleria Borghese for kids

Gallery Borghese is an art gallery featuring sculptures, paintings, and antiques. This collection has once belonged to Cardinal Scipione Caffarelli Borghese, who was the nephew of Pope Paolo V. Beautiful exhibition space in fresco-painted rooms make this villa an indispensable attraction for all art lovers.

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Galleria Borghese

Explore our Rome tours for kids


Rome is a city with a rich tapestry of history dating back to the time of the emperors. It is also home to the earliest Christians wherein sits the Vatican City, the abode of the Holy See. Rome is also a city that is rich in art as evidenced by the numerous galleries within its confines. And as if that is not all, the city has a vibrant cultural heritage which is vividly displayed through its Renaissance architecture and Baroque art. You will get to see and learn all these during your Rome tours with kids.

During your Family tours for kids in Rome, you will strut the streets of Rome, marvel at its beautiful landscapes, sample its amazing culinary delicacies, view the arts, and learn the culture and history of Italy; all in one!

Your kids will discover the ancient sites of Rome-the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Our guides will take you back to the time when the gladiatorial fights and performances were held in the Colosseum, but you will also follow the footsteps of the Roman emperors at the Roman Forum thanks to The Colosseum tour for kids, Together, we will visit the magnificent Borghese Gallery, which rightly bears the epithet of one of the most stunning and richest galleries in the world. Simply, our walking tours of Rome will prove to be irresistible.

We will take you through the Vatican and you will get to see the miraculous art from the papal collection from beautiful Vatican Museums. The Vatican with kids tour will be incomplete without entering into the famous St. Peter’s Basilica from where the pope addresses the Catholic faithful.

Our Rome tours can help you understand this beautiful city and show it to your family in the best possible way. After our Rome tours for kids, the whole philosophy of Rome, which we know as the Eternal City, will finally be clear to both you and your kids.

Our family-friendly guides will lead you through the city of Florence where you will experience the area referred to as “the birthplace of the Renaissance”. Florence’s palaces, museums and churches have some of the most sentimental artistic treasures in the world. The city has some popular sites that include the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the Bargello, and the Galleria dell’Accademia, and the Uffizi. At the Galleria dell’Accademia, you will get to see one of the most famous statues ever made, Michelangelo’s David. But, Florence tour for kids will not end at that. Our guides will help the kids to discover who the Medici family was and their role in the development of the city.

We will guide you to the place that the ancient Romans worshiped, their favourite vacation destination in Pompeii. Your kids will learn about this ancient city and how it was swallowed by the volcano Vesuvius. Also, the tour for kids in Pompeii will illustrate how ancient Romans actually lived and organised themselves. You will learn about how the rich residents of this city made their summer houses and villas. You will also get acquainted with the Pompeii temples dedicated to Venus, Apollo, and Jupiter. You will also learn about aqueducts and find out how the Romans enjoyed public baths.
Discover Italy with our tours for kids in Rome, Florence and Pompeii. A presto!

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