Taste of Rome tour for kids

Rome tours are unimaginable without ice cream.
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A Taste of Rome tour with Kids Tours of Rome is a delicious walk tour in Rome’s historic center. With this tour for kids in Rome you’ll see some of the most famous locations featured in our Fountains and Squares tour with family, but with stops for tasting of pizza and gelato, a favorite treat for most kids and grown-ups!

The sights of the Eternal City seen on this tour will include Piazza Navona, the ancient Pantheon, and the beautiful and recently restored Trevi Fountain where you must make a wish! As we walk through the historic center to these sights or Piazza Venezia or the Jewish Ghetto (substitutions available at your request), we will see many other historic buildings and interesting places that the guide can discuss along the way.

This is the perfect first-time tour of Rome, as it is a wonderful introduction to learn some history about the Romans combined with stops for enjoying food and drinks in one of the greatest cities of all time. We are particularly enthusiastic about this walking tour for kids in Rome as it is the most relaxing one and with less walking involved than our other tours.

Your fun and friendly private guide will show you some of the best places for the traditional Roman Pizza al Taglio and Gelato. They will also take care that you do not get lost in Rome’s many side streets and winding alleyways as they show you the sights and tell you stories about the city’s rich history.

The classic Taste of Rome tour includes one stop for Pizza and one stop for Gelato. With older kids that are willing to try different dishes, we can arrange the extended option that includes 5 food stops.

To make this tour your family’s introduction to Rome when beginning your holiday vacation in Italy book it now by contacting us for the times and dates available during your trip.

  • There are no tickets are required for this tour.
  • We require at least 24-hour’s notice to book this tour. During high season it is extremely difficult to locate available guides and may not be possible. Two weeks or more ahead is recommended.
  • The private walking tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Your guide speaks fluent English and is reserved only for your family.
  • You are allowed to take photographs on this tour. Bring the selfie sticks on this one if you want.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended for this tour.
  • This tour continues regardless of the weather except in extreme and dangerous conditions. Most of this tour is outdoors. Please bring appropriate protection from sun and rain as needed. Bottled water is recommended on hot days and can be refilled at various fountains.
  • Transportation to the meeting point is not included in the tour fee, but it can be arranged separately. Inquire to your reservation specialist for the rates if you would like to add-on this option.
  • This tour is available almost every day, except on major holidays when pizzerias and gelaterias may be closed.

Roman cuisine is so popular because it’s tasty and simple dishes. Continuing the centuries-old tradition, dishes in the Italian capital have their roots in ‘poor food’ and are often prepared using several ingredients in a creative manner, making a kitchen full of character and honoring local delicacies.

It would not be easy to determine which food best reflects the gastronomic offer of Rome. It is only certain that the Romans adore eating vegetables, dough and all those foods that were available centuries ago.

Cuisine in Rome is mostly based on fresh vegetables, many types of meat and cheese. What is also characteristic is that certain meals are usually prepared on certain days. For example, the Romans eat “The gnocchi” on Thursdays.

It is no secret that pasta is also an inevitable meal when visiting Rome, whether it’s carbonara or cacio e pepe. You can’t go wrong with a plate of pasta, it is just delicious everywhere in Rome.

Pasta Alla Carbonara – The famous spaghetti in the sauce whose main ingredients are eggs, bacon, black pepper, and pecorino cheese. If you don’t try this in Roma, you will not taste this city properly.

Gnocchi Alla Romana – Gnocchi made of semolina, cooked with butter, cheese, and nutmeg. It is the best way to try the local cuisine, especially for those who are in love with gnocchi.

For those who like food experiments, there is no bigger challenge than ordering Trippa Alla Romana. It may sound strange, but softly boiled scales in a creamy, spicy tomato sauce with pecorino cheese is something you’ll love in Rome.

Before you order anything from menus in Roma’s restaurants, ask them for Filetti di baccala. It is a famous appetizer consisting of salted filets of cod, which is the trademark of old Rome.

It’s true, many Romans will admit without any remarks that the pizza was invented in Naples. But nobody will tell you that the Naples version is better than Roman. The pizzas you buy in Rome are thinner and lighter than their cousins from the south. Most of Romans, if they are looking only to grab a bite between meals, buy pizza bianca (plain pizza without any toppings), rossa (only with tomato) or Margherita (tomato and cheese). Among dozens of different pizzas, we are sure you will find your favorite!

If you are a fan of roasted meat, you definitely need to try a porchetta. The porchetta is a boneless pork roast with broth, garlic, and black pepper, a typical food for the suburbs of Rome.

Italian cuisine, in general, is the most extensive one in the world. There is almost no city in the world where you cannot find Italian dishes. And in Rome, it will be easy to find something you will like a lot, as this city offers a really great gastronomic choice. Our Taste of Rome tour for kids will be a wonderful introduction to both the historical aspect of the city and its cuisine.