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The Sistine Chapel and Vatican tour with Kids Tours of Rome is a captivating private tour that illustrates the history of Rome and the Catholic Church. This fun, informative, and educational tour with kids is an unforgettable experience for your family. As your guide narrates the story of Rome, you will walk through the museums experiencing a living storybook as the world’s greatest masterpieces of art visually show the pages of history.

On this kid-friendly tour of Vatican you will visit inside the museums, see Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel, and visit inside the Basilica of St. Peter*. Some of the art highlights of this tour for kids will include paintings and sculptures from the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans through the Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Caravaggio.

Our expert guides will navigate you and the children through the museums, giving your family the personal care and attention you deserve. You will experience relief knowing you aren’t one of the members of the larger tour groups you will pass where children are often bored and uninterested.

Instead, your children will be engaged and encouraged to ask questions to participate in this tour organized with them in mind. Our friendly guides have a variety of methods they use to create interest and activity between each of the members in your family.

Don’t miss your opportunity to share a memorable cultural experience with your kids while on holiday in Italy!

Book your Vatican tour for kids now by contacting us for the times and dates available during your trip.

  • Tickets are required for this tour. Your reservation specialist will provide the necessary information during the booking process.
  • We require at least 24 hours notice to book this tour. During high season it is extremely difficult to locate available guides and may not be possible. Two weeks or more ahead is recommended. Tickets do often sell out ahead of time.
  • The private walking tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Your guide speaks fluent English, Spanish, German or Italian and is reserved only for your family.
  • Your guide will go with you inside all areas of the tour. The only time he or she cannot speak is inside of the Sistine Chapel where speaking is forbidden.
  • You are allowed to take photographs in all areas except for the Sistine Chapel. Selfie sticks are not allowed inside of the museum.
  • There is a dress code required for entering the Basilica. See the details in the FAQ.
  • There are size limits on personal bags and backpacks. See the details in the FAQ.
  • This tour continues regardless of the weather. Most of this tour is indoors.
  • Transportation is not included in the tour fee, but it can be arranged separately. Inquire to your reservation specialist for the rates if you would like to add-on this option.
  • This tour is not available on Wednesday mornings, Sundays, and select holidays. *The Basilica of St. Peter may at times have events scheduled with little notice to tour operators which will prevent touring inside of the church or could effect the time of the visit to the Sistine Chapel. If this happens we will spend the additional time inside of the museums to make up for the time not available inside of the church/Sistine Chapel.

The name of the city-state of Vatican is derived from the Latin expression Mons Vaticanus which means the Vatican hill. The Vatican is located just a few hundred meters from the Tiber River. The Vatican borders are completely followed by the city walls that were built to protect the Pope. This is the smallest country in the world, and there are about 800 people.

The Vatican’s territory is about 40 hectares, but half of it is planted and used as home for many animals and birds and therefore the Vatican Gardens are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. With pleasant greenery and silence, you can enjoy the noise of water from numerous fountains.

The Vatican is known as a state since 1929 when it was established by the Lateran Treaty, as the successor to the former Papal States. The Vatican is, besides being the smallest state in the world, the electoral monarchy headed by the bishop of Rome – the Pope, and the seat of the Catholic Church.

The Pope is the head of the Vatican, and at the same time is the bishop of the Roman diocese and the supreme head of the Catholic Church. The Pope is an absolutist monarch, that is, he has a legitimate, executive and judicial authority and is the only absolutist monarch in Europe. The current pope is Pope Francis and he was born in Argentina. Through our The Vatican tour with kids you can learn a lot about the Papal State.

The Vatican has the smallest and oldest army in the world – the Swiss Guard. It was founded by Pope Julius II far back in 1506.

Every year the Vatican is visited by several million tourists who want to see the masterpieces and monuments with their own eyes: the St. Peter’s Square with the Basilica of the same name, the papal palace, and the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Room, the Vatican Library.

The Vatican museums are located in the Vatican Palace, and they are made of 1,400 rooms which make it an extremely important museum due to the quantity and value of the masterpieces that popes have been collecting for centuries.

St. Peter’s Square is a located in front of the Basilica of Saint Peter, the most important religious building of Catholicism, where the most important ceremonial liturgies are held.